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Custom Hamptons Style New Home Design Gregor?s Creek by dion

Situated amongst picture-perfect country-side this custom new home was built by dion seminara architecture in Gregor?s Creek, completed in 2018. Our c...
21-05-2022 22:03

Vandewater by Jessica Gersten Interiors

Vandewater is a project designed by Jessica Gersten Interiors. History and tradition mixed with modern design are the principals of this model unit de...
20-05-2022 21:57

Station by Bryant Alsop

The refurbishment and extension of this pretty timber house designed by Bryant Alsop for a young family of 4 was driven by the desire to create space ...
19-05-2022 22:01

The Great Unit Apartment by K.O.T. Architects

The Great Unit Apartment is a project designed by K.O.T. Architects. On the third floor of an old modernistic structure on the outskirts of the Floren...
17-05-2022 22:04

The Char House by Starbox Architecture

The Char House is a project designed by Starbox Architecture. A new residence that was inspired by a fallen burnt tree branch on a rocky mountain bike...
16-05-2022 22:30

Flirting With The Past by The Stylesmiths

Flirting With The Past is a project designed by The Stylesmiths. Beyond the heritage red brick faade of this Federation home, is an interior extensio...
15-05-2022 22:16

Art House by Buttrick Projects A+D

This residential project designed by Buttrick Projects A+D involved the construction of three distinct structures, creating additional interior space ...
14-05-2022 22:03


Dynargh is a project designed by WATERSHEDD. Embedded in the rolling hillside overlooking Cornwall?s Mawgan Porth beach, Dynargh is a six bedroom priv...
12-05-2022 21:57

Belsize Lane by Square Feet Architects

Our clients in this terraced house, Belsize Park designed by Square Feet Architects requested a reconfigure to their home to create a more sociable an...
11-05-2022 21:59

Golden Ash by Bryant Alsop

Golden Ash is a project designed by Bryant Alsop. The house was in disrepair. Cabinetry falling apart, leaking roofs, and a dead possum in the skyligh...
10-05-2022 22:08

Cougar Ridge Reno by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Cougar Ridge Reno by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group. Cougar Ridge Reno by Reena Sotropa In House Design GroupThis young family of three originall...
09-05-2022 22:04

Lake Lantern by Evans Lee

As a follower and practitioner of the concept ?spatial fluidity?, Evans Lee adheres to minimalism in private residence design. In his view, instead of...
08-05-2022 22:01

Rosemont Residence by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Rosemont Residence is a project designed by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group. While designing the Rosemont Residence, emphasis fell on ensuring a s...
07-05-2022 22:01

Victorian on Major St by Brenda Kandiyoti

Victorian on Major St is a project designed by Brenda Kandiyoti and is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photography by Riley Snelling. ...
06-05-2022 22:00

Urban Farmhouse by Brenda Kandiyoti

In the Urban Farmhouse designed by Brenda Kandiyoti, careful consideration of the architectural past was taken to re-imagine a century old farmhouse a...
05-05-2022 22:02

Main Villa by Alena Valyavko

Main Villa is by Alena Valyavko. Built on a lush hillside, Islita offers residents and visitors a unique, eco-friendly and thoughtful way of life in h...
04-05-2022 21:58

Billiard Apartment by Diego Revollo

Billiard Apartment is a project designed by Diego Revollo. The 340 sqm apartment, located in a neoclassical building dating from the beginning of the ...
03-05-2022 21:55

Apartamento Benedito by Meireles Pavan arquitetura

The Benedito apartment designed by Meireles Pavan arquitetura is located in the bustling Itaim Bibi district, in So Paulo, Brazil. With a minimalist ...
02-05-2022 22:03

Greenwich Village Remodel by Tara Benet

This home was created by Tara Benet combining two apartments on a penthouse floor in Greenwich Village. The finishes and design are bold and luxurious...
01-05-2022 21:56

Apartamento Ceppo by Meireles Pavan arquitetura

Apartamento Ceppo is a project designed by Meireles Pavan arquitetura. in the noble neighborhood of Jardins in So Paulo, this apartment had as its m...
30-04-2022 21:56

Extruded House by MCK Architecture & Interiors

Extruded House is a project designed by MCK Architecture & Interiors. In it?s truest moment architecture must be experienced in the flesh. One must ac...
29-04-2022 21:58

Graa 117 by Pedro Carrilho – Arquitectos

Graa 117 designed by Pedro Carrilho – Arquitectos is one of the rehabilitation projects that contributed to the valorization and preservation of th...
27-04-2022 22:29

Bearspaw Renovation by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

This project designed by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group was a full home renovation for a young family that purchased a ?new-to-them? home in the ...
26-04-2022 22:04

smoothouse by Studiocolnaghi

In this project, Studiocolnaghi seek for a wide space, using few elements and a neutral color palette. The room perception is much wider than the prev...
25-04-2022 22:04

Hasenrainstrasse by KOHLERSTRAUMANN

Hasenrainstrasse is a project designed by KOHLERSTRAUMANN. ?Understanding the site?s context and topography was key to incorporate the minimalistic de...
24-04-2022 22:04

Heathdale Residence by TACT Design INC.

Heathdale Residence is a project designed by TACT Design INC. and is located in Toronto, Canada. ...
23-04-2022 22:02

Boeing Villa on the rock by Geometrium

Boeing Villa on the rock is a project designed by Geometrium. This is a wonderful villa in the fuselage of Boeing 100 sq.m. It’s an unusual apartmen...
21-04-2022 22:00

A modern treehouse features Japanese minimalism in the heart

Mark Ashby Design and Shiflet Richardson Architects design a modern home amongst a grove of heritage live oaks and elms in Austin, Texas: The Modernis...
21-04-2022 22:00

Tandem House by Fiona Drago Architect

Tandem House designed by Fiona Drago Architect is for a family with young adult children that is scaling down from a large suburban property to a smal...
19-04-2022 22:01

Urban Zen House by Shira Lavi BD

This four story urban home designed by Shira Lavi BD has been designed with the city in mind. Located in the northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv it is n...
18-04-2022 22:05

Fourth Residence by Mckimm

The Fourth Residence designed by Mckimm encourages seamless flow and interactions between uncomplicated zones, through carefully considered that welco...
17-04-2022 22:03

Northern Skylights by Mckimm

Northern Skylights is a project designed by Mckimm. From the street, the volume of the home is perceived in one way, and as soon as you enter through ...
16-04-2022 22:11

Rocky Mountain House #1 by forma

The Rocky Mountain House #1 designed by forma is a 2000 sf Nordic style house with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths located in the outskirts of Carbodale, Col...
15-04-2022 22:02

Wis TavernSmog Veil Records by Level Architecture Incorporat

Wis Tavern/Smog Veil Records is a project designed by Level Architecture Incorporated. For this project, we undertook converting a former tavern into ...
14-04-2022 22:25

Modular Box by Dalit Lilienthal Interior Design Studio

This apartment belongs to interior architect Dalit Lilienthal and her partner. The apartment went through a complete renovation, all inner walls were ...
13-04-2022 22:02

Black line house by U+A

Black line house is a project designed by U+A. The disadvantage that became an advantage: The customers contacted us after the apartment was already p...
12-04-2022 22:00

Studio Feels by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture

This project designed by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture involved a studio extension to the existing detached double garage on a large suburban block, to ...
11-04-2022 21:57

House in Sta Joana by NU.MA

House in Sta Joana is a project designed by NU.MA. In a street marked by a vast set of housings for the working class, the sense of repetition and sys...
10-04-2022 22:02

MRG by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The project designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos consists of the interior updating of an apartment in the center of the city of Valencia. We ordered...
09-04-2022 21:59

Bogen by noa*

An ancient barrel-vaulted workshop hides under the dust of history along one of the oldest trade streets of Bolzano. noa* breathes new life into this ...
08-04-2022 21:55

Second skin by Pedro Daniel Santos

Second skin is a project designed by Pedro Daniel Santos. With a close relation with the Mondego river, the building rehabilitated by the architecture...
07-04-2022 22:21

POLY by M-design

This project is Located in the core prosperous area of Hankou. M-Design, a well-known firm in design field, takes on the interior design and soft deco...
06-04-2022 22:00

Bailey Residence by Hacker

The Bailey Residence designed by Hacker offered a rare opportunity to renovate the interiors for one of the original 1970s Country House Condos at Cen...
05-04-2022 21:59

Paddo Terrace by Sandbox Studio

Owen and Tom, a young professional couple, engaged Sandbox Studio to transform their rundown Victorian terrace in Paddington, Sydney, into a modern ho...
04-04-2022 21:53

Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture

Mill Valley Cabins is a project designed by Feldman Architecture. An artist and an avid gardener/yoga enthusiast, the Mill Valley Cabins residents wer...
03-04-2022 21:59

SunacMogan Valley by Zoom Design

“Having occupied in estate design related to culture and tourism for many years, with expert experience on plan, design and materialization of multi...
02-04-2022 22:00

TC Apartment by Office ZHU

The Taicang apartment by office ZHU, is a renovation project of an existing double storey residence in Taicang, Jiangsu. Office ZHU?s design intervent...
01-04-2022 21:58

DEMIURG by mode:lina

DEMIURG is a project designed by mode:lina. Amidst Pozna?’s districts lies a little bit forgotten one – Grczyn. That?s where a quite intricate co...
31-03-2022 22:15

Belsize Coach House by Square Feet Architects

Belsize Coach House is a project designed by Square Feet Architects, covers an area of 300 m2 and is located in Greater London, England, United Kingdo...
30-03-2022 22:06

Villa M by GRAFT

GRAFT?s design for a private villa in Berlin?s venerable Grunewald quarter presents a striking, modern interpretation of comfortable living in the cit...
29-03-2022 21:59

Bauhaus House by U+A

Bauhaus-style private house designed by U+A with a steady and orderly rhythm, a lot of white, art and music. The people who live in this house are mus...
25-03-2022 21:59

Murrayfield Extension by Konishi Gaffney Architects

This project designed by Konishi Gaffney Architects is for the alteration and extension of a Victorian terraced house in Edinburgh. The brief for the ...
24-03-2022 21:59

East Juliett by Sandbox Studio

Capturing its past character and expressing its continued charm, East Juliett designed by Sandbox Studio is an embrace of time. As a contributor to t...
23-03-2022 22:03

Fundamental House by Sandbox Studio

Fundamental House is a project designed by Sandbox Studio. A lean, green granny flat offers a fresh take on multi-generational living. Annangrove, NS...
22-03-2022 21:58

Splendour in the city by GAO architects

Splendour in the city is a project designed by GAO architects. The film Parasite was the cinematographic highlight of 2019 and at the same time our sc...
21-03-2022 21:56

Lakeside West Apartment by Wittman Estes

Lakeside West designed by Wittman Estes is a re-imagined urban condominium that transforms an outdated mid-century dwelling into a highly organized an...
20-03-2022 22:10

Rosemary House by Kohn Shnier architects

The project designed by Kohn Shnier architects is the design of a new home for a young family with two working parents and three children. The new hou...
19-03-2022 21:52

Serene Scandifornian by Sarah Barnard Design

This soothing and serene home, designed by Sarah Barnard, was created to be an ocean-inspired, natural environment for a family to grow together. By u...
18-03-2022 21:57

Apto E F by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura

Designed by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura for an urban young adult, the EF Apartment offers comfort and practicality for everyday life. Containing a...
16-03-2022 21:54

Cacup House by Studiocolnaghi

Among a mesmerizing view, Cacup House designed by Studiocolnaghi is located, as its name suggests, in Cacupe ? Florianoplis, Brazil, at a residentia...
15-03-2022 21:55

The Garden House by Alpex Architecture

This incredible contemporary property has been designed by the architect/owner with exceptional attention to detail and an extremely high-level finish...
13-03-2022 21:56

Gallery House by Acre Architects

Designed by Acre Architects for art lovers, the Gallery House located on the beautiful Kennebecasis River is a case study on modern forms with local, ...
12-03-2022 22:01

DM House by Architects+Co

DM House is a project designed by Architects+Co. On an elevated plot of 700 m, the view of the green and the sea of Praia do Forte, Bahia’s hotspot...
11-03-2022 21:59

Wahgunyah House by Regional Design Service

Wahgunyah House by Regional Design Service. Surrounded by both bush and farmland views beyond, this unique style of home stands out for all the right ...
08-03-2022 21:58

Watermill Splendor by Jessica Gersten

Watermill Splendor is a project designed by Jessica Gersten. Located in Watermill, the heart of the Hamptons, a young family purchased this property t...
07-03-2022 22:35

Ultimo Courtyard House by Thodey Design Architects

This house designed by Thodey Design Architects prides itself on using every square metre of the 76sqm site thoughtfully and elegantly. Due to site co...
06-03-2022 22:03

Zhejiang Private Penthouse by YuQiang & Partners, EK De

For a female property owner who honors freedom and sharing and pursues art and fashion, private resort residence needs to be elegant and serene, gener...
05-03-2022 22:23

The Hudson Bend Residence by LaRue Architects

The Hudson Bend Residence is a project designed by LaRue Architects. A Cliffside Lakehouse on Austin?s Pristine Lake Travis: The homeowners, retired p...
04-03-2022 21:59

Art Pop by The Stylesmiths

Art Pop is a project designed by The Stylesmiths. Along the winding backstreets and neighbouring beach trails of the Mornington Peninsula, is a hidden...
02-03-2022 21:58

Balmain East Residence by Thodey Design Architects

Balmain East Residence is a project designed by Thodey Design Architects. With expansive views over Balmain Bay and centred around an existing weeping...
01-03-2022 21:53

The Mowhay by MATT Architecture

Designed by MATT Architecture to take maximum advantage of the changes to UK Permitted Development rules brought in during 2013, this project more tha...
28-02-2022 21:54

Taringa House by Loucas Zahos Architects

The Taringa house is a project designed by Loucas Zahos Architects, originally a worker?s cottage is located along Stanley Terrace, a traditional stre...
27-02-2022 21:57

Cedofeita by Meireles Arquitectos

Cedofeita is a project designed by Meireles Arquitectos. The main purpose of the intervention was to maintain the existing building, providing it with...
26-02-2022 21:52

San Remo by Magni Kalman Design

Set into a steep hillside of Sullivan Canyon in Pacific Palisades, the San Remo Residence designed by Magni Kalman Design organizes stacked volumes to...
25-02-2022 22:30

Green Walls & Gables by Matter

Green Walls & Gables is a project designed by Matter. An existing bungalow occupied the site when we were first engaged. The young family of 5 living ...
24-02-2022 21:58

Cottage Sandwich by Matter

However the cottage designed by Matter did have a character that they wished to keep and enhance, while doing so reconnecting with the large flat corn...
22-02-2022 21:57

Gore Residence by Level Architecture Incorporated

Gore Residence is a project designed by Level Architecture Incorporated. Level was asked by a young couple to design a new house in McKinley Park, an ...
21-02-2022 21:56

Birch Park by Matter

Birch Park is a project designed by Matter. “Our clients envisioned the project as a generational home, for their own children, grandparents, and gr...
19-02-2022 22:20

SE24 by Turner Architects

SE24 is a project designed by Turner Architects. A growing family needed a larger kitchen and wanted a family room that opened up the garden – there...
18-02-2022 22:27

Chimney House by dekleva gregoric architects

The Chimney house by dekleva gregoric architects transforms a single archetypal architectural element into the central theme of the house, all while r...
16-02-2022 22:21

Villa Schlachtensee by CAMA A

Villa Schlachtensee is a project designed by CAMA A. For a family of four, we extensively renovated and remodeled the suburban villa from 1890. On the...
14-02-2022 21:50

Wagstaffe House by buck&simple

Wagstaffe House designed by buck&simple: doers of stuff is the realisation of a dream to live in the trees overlooking the water. The layout consists ...
13-02-2022 21:51

Fitzroy North Residence by buck&simple

Fitzroy North Residence is a project designed by buck&simple: doers of stuff. The high ceilings and timber construction gently creaked as you walk the...
12-02-2022 21:51

Bones House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects

Bones House is a project designed by Lachlan Shepherd Architects. Positioned on a hilltop overlooking the iconic Bells Beach Surfing Reserve, the Bone...
11-02-2022 21:55

A family apartment in Haussmannian Paris by NAME architectur

An elegant Parisian apartment designed by NAME architecture in the 17th arrondissement, with beautiful haussmannian features needed a fresh outlook to...
10-02-2022 21:54

Lagom Hus by Bradley Van Der Straeten

Lagom Hus is a project designed by Bradley Van Der Straeten. The main design concept for the project came from the practical need for storage. The sol...
09-02-2022 21:53

Cottage by Macro Arquitetos

This Cottage is a project designed by Macro Arquitetos. So Paulo, 2022 ? The residential project Annex to the Mairipor Cottage took a year to be bui...
08-02-2022 21:57

Modern nordic cube by Ayelet Levi Adani

Modern nordic cube is a project designed by Ayelet Levi Adani. The tenants sought a modern style home that would suit their needs and which would serv...
06-02-2022 22:02

Silverhorn Residence by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Silverhorn Residence is a project designed by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group. This custom estate home was designed for one of our industry partne...
05-02-2022 21:54

The Blue House by Karan Desai

The Blue House is a project designed by Karan Desai The post The Blue House by Karan Desai appeared first on MyHouseIdea....
04-02-2022 21:58

Ocean Side Villa by Craig Steere Architects

The Ocean Side Villa designed by Craig Steere Architects is characterised by a modern mediterranean lifestyle; expressing this aspiration through a se...
02-02-2022 22:17

K2 House by FMD Architects

K2 House designed by FMD Architects is the second stage upper floor extension to a renovation completed by fmd architects in 2008. The original brief ...
01-02-2022 21:58

102 The Mill by Carter Williamson Architects

The ambition for 102 The Mill designed by Carter Williamson Architects was to preserve the industrial and varied history of Balmain whilst creating an...
31-01-2022 21:56

RC House by Architects+Co

With a privileged view of the ponds and woods of Fazenda Boa Vista, in Porto Feliz, Sao Paulo, in Brazil, the Boa Vista RC house was designed to see t...
30-01-2022 21:53

Spiegel Haus by Carter Williamson Architects

Spiegel Haus designed by Carter Williamson Architects is a thoughtfully crafted home in Sydney?s Inner West that celebrates the warmth, strength, and ...
28-01-2022 21:54

Suzhou Section Homestay by Wutopia Lab

The White Section Homestay designed by Wutopia Lab in Suzhou was opened in October 2021 in West Lindu Village on the shore of Taihu Lake. It is invest...
26-01-2022 21:58

Gingerbread House by Carter Williamson Architects

Gingerbread House is a project designed by Carter Williamson Architects. From the street, it seems nothing much has changed, as the Gingerbread House ...
25-01-2022 22:02

Albers House by RZLBD

Albers House is a project designed by RZLBD. Serene yet outrageous is the presence of Albers House in a typical residential street of Scarborough, Ont...
23-01-2022 21:52

Maga Apartment by Ang Arquitetura

Maga Apartment is a project designed by Ang Arquitetura. A young couple and Magali, their four-legged daughter, sought to transform this rental apart...
22-01-2022 21:54

Bimbadeen House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects

The Bimbadeen House is designed by Lachlan Shepherd Architects to compliment surrounding bush by nestling into the sloping site. The simple, low-lying...
21-01-2022 21:52

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Optimum by Alex Bazyl

Optimum is a studio apartment for a young family designed by Alex Bazyl, covers an area of 66.2 sq. m. and is located in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Violet Crystal by Alex BazylFlat in the heart of Ljubljana by GAO architectsModern... -
Rustic ranch house enjoys captivating views of Sierra Nevada Mountains

Rustic ranch house enjoys captivating views o...

Aspen Leaf Interiors designed this stunning rustic ranch house for a family that frequently entertains large groups, located in Reno, Nevada. The large kitchen is used as the main gathering space, featuring two islands that are loaded with... -
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The Perfect Furniture For Brilliant Bedroom I...

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