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Botanical Print Pottery

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Botanical Print Pottery Botanical Print Pottery

Botanical Print Pottery

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I have a mild obsession with botanical ceramics, so much so I?m incorporating palm and floral motifs into my own work at my local studio. I?m experimenting with different techniques, most recently I used a laser cut palm pressed into clay to create a decorative tray with an irregular edge and olive glazed finish. I like this prototype so much I?m making more in a variety of colors to sell in my local shop.

While in the studio I?m learning how to carve patterns with sgraffito, use kiln safe overlays, and cutouts to embellish with clay leaves and flowers. Soon I?ll start practicing hand painting techniques. I?m working with denser earthenware and light clay bodies but my hope is to create using porcelain too. While it?s necessary to have functional plates and bowls for daily dining, it?s so lovely to have pretty platters or vessels for serving too. Botanical motifs always bring me joy, below are a few favorites.

palm dinnerware

pinch pots

secret garden vases

porcelain dessert plates

scalloped edge leaves

hand painted vines

abode bloem

blue floral set

del sol wall art

nesting bowl set

indigo swirl

travel inspired las palmas plates

flower bowl

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Botanical Print Pottery Botanical Print Pottery


Source of news: centsationalgirl
Source of publication: 14-07-2023 22:20
visto: 1

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