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Glen Iris by Canny

Interior Design News
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Glen Iris by Canny Glen Iris by Canny

Glen Iris by Canny

By Canny Homes, this stunning single level home in Glen Iris features 3 bedrooms, double garage, open plan kitchen and living area and an outdoor entertaining area to be envious of. Photo courtesy of Canny.
The post Glen Iris by Canny appeared first on MyHouseIdea.

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Glen Iris by Canny Glen Iris by Canny


Source of news: myhouseidea
Source of publication: 26-09-2018 21:35
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Five Details That Instantly Make A Space Feel High End

I know I’ve preached about the importance of details over the years, and after almost thirteen years in the industry there are a few that I, person ...
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B-13 by Nikita Bulatov

B-13 by is a project designed by Nikita Bulatov. This apartment for a young family is located near the international airport Zhuliany in Kiev. Since t ...
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A Light & Love-Filled Family Friendly Home

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DIY Jewellery Storage

Tangled necklaces are impractical and unsightly. Endlessly searching for matching earrings is annoying. There is a better way! Creating a proper place ...
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THE ROOM by nook architects

“THE ROOM designed by nook architects presented with the opportunity to develop a workspace in line with present-day needs. A flexible, multipurpose ...
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By the Bay by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture

By the Bay is a project designed by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture. Completed in collaboration with Salt Building Design, this project involved the ?stag ...
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Brick Aperture House by Kreis Grennan Architecture

Brick Aperture House is a project designed by Kreis Grennan Architecture. Contemporary pavilion addition with articulated link to heritage cottage. St ...
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In ancient Greek, nostos means a return to home. It is not only a physical return, but going back to an origin where an identity starts. This project ...
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The View by Starbox Architecture

The View is a project designed by Starbox Architecture. A renovation of an existing deck that has been transformed into a glass enclosed flexible indo ...
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Extended house in Prague by boq architekti

Extended house in Prague is a project designed by boq architekti. The lack of daylight. That was the basic thing that we had to deal with. The client ...
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Quick Design Tip: How to Choose the Right Bedroom Rug Size

Much like choosing the right living room rug size, how to pick the right bedroom rug size is as much of an art as it is a science. And while there ar ...
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Two Tree House by Bark Design Architects

Two Tree House is designed by Bark Design Architects for a young family on the steep terrain of a north facing escarpment in Australia. Photography by ...
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This Home Was Made Over in Just Four Short Weeks

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