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Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects

Interior Design News
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Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects

Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects

This house designed by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap--l’Aigle, in the region of Charlevoix. Altar means “The Flying Eagle.” What makes the house stand out is its “V” shape and long facades that are suspended over nature. While discrete from the street and closed to the north, it unfolds toward the river, as though to take flight.Photography by Adrien Williams

Regarding the form, two longitudinal prisms are laid up one on top of the other. A voluntary misalignment allows contemplation of the scenery. The long glass facades provide different perspectives and framings of the river, the forest, and the city of Malbaie below. Close up, the house remains mysterious, as it is camouflaged by the trees. The second floor massing casts over the entrance for protection. The hall faces a large south-facing window with a view onto the cement pool, which seems to extend out to the river. The first floor has a guest wing, as well as a living room. The expended steel staircase is inviting and bright, and leads to the living areas.
The second floor is cantilevered and protrudes toward the river. The living areas succeed one another, and the completely open space provides a breathtaking view of the horizon. A vast terrace was built on the roof of the lower floor. The master suite is also located on this floor, slightly set back in the...
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Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects Altar house by Bourgeois – Lechasseur architects


Source of news: myhouseidea
Source of publication: 21-03-2019 21:42
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