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Saving Money in College

Interior Design News
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Saving Money in College Saving Money in College

Saving Money in College

Hello everyone, today?s topic is slightly different than the usual around here. I mentioned yesterday that this month my stepdaughter is traveling in Spain, and she returns home in a few weeks. She graduated from a university last year and will continue her education when she moves away and begins nursing school in January. We got to talking the other day about her financial choices and what her plans were for the future. She?s very sensible, she spent only what was necessary while in college to achieve her degree and is already planning her budget for her years of continued education.
I was asked by Regions Bank if I knew any college graduates that could recommend some tips for saving money during that stage of life, so this partnership was timely. I asked my stepdaughter to list for me some of her resourceful ideas that?s she utilized over the past few years to save money, and I?m happy to pass them on to you today. I know many of you have high school age children, or kids already in college, and I thought her tips were very clever. Perhaps you or your offspring will gain some insight from her savvy ideas since she?s lived them!
1. Research local second hand stores and sell your clothes there to turn a profit. You can usually either get cash (at a lower percentage of the buying price) or store credit (at a higher percentage).
2. Buy or sell your textbooks online! Often times you?ll find books much cheaper on the internet than in your university bookstore. After your course (and depending on the school) you can sell it back to your school?s bookstore and make a small profit. If not, just sell it back online. You can also rent textbooks on Amazon, Chegg, and a number of other great websites.
3. Educate yourself on your loans and pay off the ones with the most interest first. Loan grace periods vary in length so keep track of them. You usually don’t have to wait until your grace period ends to start paying, so if you can you should start doing it as soon as possible (less interest!)
4. Set a budget and transfer money from your savings to checking account only as needed. The extra step helps you not spend as easily.
5. Tutoring or babysitting are great side jobs because you can pick and choose if and when you work. Also, working local gigs or events can be a non-committal way of making money.
6. If you want to watch shows or movies, there are several inexpensive online streaming services available. Also, keep in mind you can check out DVDs from the public library, you?d be surprised how many videos are there!
7. Hot water is free at most cafes, so BYOTB (Bring Your Own Tea Bag) when you study there.
8. Shop in bulk for staples and share meals with friends. Meal prepping lunches and snacks for the week can help save too. Crock pots and rice cookers are golden!
9. Most colleges have a Free or For Sale Facebook group so take advantage of these to get good prices on books, furniture, clothes, etc. There is usually one for on campus free food/...


Source of news: centsationalgirl
Source of publication: 08-11-2016 21:50
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